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Trusted By The Most Innovative Companies In Healthcare
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Trusted By The Most Innovative Companies In Healthcare
Elevate Your Capital Processes

CCM®'s innovative features can be utilized independently or in parallel to overcome your organization's capital challenges.


60% of hospital data is inaccurate or poor quality. This can lead to unreliable capital forecasts, lack of standardization, and uninformed decision-making.


Utilizing manual spreadsheets and disparate solutions can lead to miscommunication, inconsistency, and lack of clarity into capital request and approval processes.

Tech Solutions

A lack of connected technology solutions prevents your team from making informed decisions based on a holistic and up-to-date view of your capital fleet.


Incomplete data can lead to off-contract or non-bundled purchases with less negotiating power. This costs hospitals millions of dollars in missed savings every year.

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Fleet Visibility

Manage Your Fleet,
Your Way

CCM® bridges the gaps among existing capital point solutions and offers a comprehensive view of your fleet health.
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Customized Asset Risk Score to show fleet health
One view bringing together all of your capital platforms
Capital forecasting and asset-level visibility
Capital Request Management

Get Your Team On The Same Page

Streamline and standardize capital requests with customizable forms and consistent approval routing.
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Rule-based approval processes
Non-linear capital workflows
Enforce contracts and organizational standards
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Your data is not too messy for CCM®

Learn about our federated dataset and how it enables you to manage capital more effectively.

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Budget Intelligence

Your Capital Budget

Our AI-driven budget solution can help you spend up to 80% less time on capital budgeting and sourcing while saving millions of dollars per year.
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Data-Driven Budgeting
Multi-year, multi-discipline budget abilities
Integration with financial planning & ERP tools
CCM® Aligns Capital Stakeholders In One Platform
Eliminate confusion and enable collaboration across your organization. CCM® empowers functional areas to use validated data insights to maximize efficiency and savings.
Predict capital needs, enforce vendor or contract standardization, set organizational guidelines, and streamline capital processes.
Finance & 
Enforce budgeting and reporting criteria, inform budget priorities with trusted data, ensure optimized dollar allocation, and minimize unplanned expenses.
Forecast upcoming deliveries and dispositions, track assets, maintain visibility into request approval status, assess risk management, and automate report creation.
Facilities & 
Use existing asset insights and standards across infrastructure, IT, and clinical capital within one platform to inform new and ongoing capital projects.