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Hiring Manager

Andrew McCloy


Dev Ops Engineer


Louisville, Kentucky





Job Description

Join us as a Dev Ops Engineer - Propel Healthcare Innovation with Technology!

Company Overview:

HANDLE Global, a leading healthcare supply chain analytics and fulfillment solutions provider, is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing cutting-edge software solutions. Our innovative products help healthcare providers optimize operational efficiency, enhance patient care, and drive business growth.

What Sets You Apart:

  1. Mission Critical: Venture into HANDLE Global, the epicenter of healthcare SaaS evolution. We’re not on the rise, we’re skyrocketing. As our trajectory rises, we seek a Dev Ops Engineer with the expertise and ambition to fortify our systems, ensuring they stand strong amid growth.
  2. Systems Steward: Your role is not just about maintaining; it's about ensuring stability in every layer—from application to networking. Our success rests on the uptime of our production systems, and your prowess ensures our clients face minimal disruptions.
  3. Process Pioneer: Automation isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. By refining pipelines, deploying tools, and overseeing operations, you keep us agile and adaptive in the dynamic SaaS landscape.
  4. Swift Solutionist: Issues are inevitable; what matters is the response. With your swift problem-solving skills, you ensure that our users experience seamless service, even when hitches arise.
  5. Growth Gearhead: As HANDLE scales, you're at the helm, overseeing system performance tuning and capacity planning. Designing infrastructures that effortlessly handle escalating traffic? That's your daily grind.
  6. Tech Translator: Collaboration is key. Working hand-in-hand with software engineers, you help translate infrastructure needs, ensuring our software solutions run optimally on the platforms you create.
  7. Security Sentinel: In a domain as sensitive as healthcare, security isn't optional. You implement and maintain robust security measures, ensuring our SaaS products remain compliant and trustworthy.
  8. Continuous Catalyst: Stagnation isn't in our dictionary. Regularly reviewing and enhancing processes, you ensure we remain on an upward trajectory in performance, security, and scalability.
  9. Trend Tracker: The tech world moves fast, but so do you. Staying abreast with industry best practices and emerging technologies ensures HANDLE remains a vanguard in healthcare SaaS solutions.
  10. Imagine & Implement: At HANDLE Global, we bring dreams to digital life. If you're primed to push boundaries, optimize at every turn, and ensure our healthcare SaaS remains second to none, we want you. Let's drive healthcare tech into the future, together.

Qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.
  • 3-5 years of experience in DevOps, Systems administration or related role,successfully maintained uptime for systems under your charge and demonstrated proficiency in rapidly resolving system-related issues during this tenure.
  • Familiarity with healthcare IT standards and regulations.
  • Managed and optimized cloud deployments (AWS, Azure), reducing infrastructure costs while maintaining performance benchmarks. 
  • Managed the following services: 
  • Containers: Docker/Kubernetes
  • EC2 
  • RDS
  • Route53
  • Others
  • Strong experience in Linux administration. 
  • Experience in the implementation of various network topologies.
  • Successfully automated repetitive processes, reducing manual intervention by using scripts or tools developed personally.

HANDLE Global is an equal opportunity employer committed to valuing and promoting diversity. We base all employment decisions on merit, competence, and business needs, without discrimination based on protected statuses. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Fuel the future of healthcare innovation - become the Dev Ops Engineer driving HANDLE Global’s technological evolution. Apply Now!